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Award Winning Video Production Company in London

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We are The Photo Team

A Video Production Company

We’re award-winning social media video production company based in London, U.K. Incorporated in 2011, we’ve been tied up with brands and media agencies to provide cost effective videography solutions. Our high-quality videos are specially created to make an impact that produces results. We make social videos, marketing videos, brand shoot videos, advertising videos, commercial ad videos, etc. We’ve always aim to deliver quality results by using cost effective solutions.

Why the Photo Team?

Active Listening: When it comes to a video project, we clearly understand the client’s vision, mission, and requirements.

Setting A Strategy: Once we get what our client requires, we outline a high level of pre-production planning and content development.

Development: Here, we begin with implementing your plan into a creative piece that captivates your audience.

Final Execution: Once the final output has been developed by our professional videographers, we begin with the execution of a video on all digital platforms.

We Make Videos That Goes Viral And Produce Amazing Results

Serving clients for many years on international scale, we’ve been helping brands to bring creativity and bring value to their product/service by offering quality videography services. Our talented team of video and motion designers create highly engaging and amazing videos. The videos we create reflects the quality of brand and intends more people to engage with you.

Benefits of Video Marketing on Social Media

Grab Attention: Video assets are the best way to hook up your audience and capture their interest in you. Leave them wanting more impressions.

More Exposure: Videos generate 2X more engagement than anything over social media. Social Media gives extra features to represent your videos in an entertaining way

Powerful Sales Tool: A video tells a brand story within few seconds and intends customers to purchase your product through the platform.

Unique content: Always try to use unique video content that speaks about your product. If done well, nothing can stop your audience to come to you.

Just some examples of our work and the power video has over just an image

Being a leading social media video production company, we’ve partnered with corporate businesses, startups, and educational institutions to create amazing video content. Our work tells a brand story and creates a high impact to communicate your brand message. Check out some of the amazing testimonials of brands we’re proud to partnered with.

Ready to start your project?

Our experienced video production team based in London has the expertise in creating appealing and highly entertaining video content. We are committed to produce a video that make an impact. Some of the following services we work on:

  • Social Media Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Advertising Media
  • Commercial Videos
  • Marketing video
  • Tiktok video production
  • Youtube Videos