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Corporate Videography Services

Professional corporate video can be complex to create, and we appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all. Our corporate videography services and corporate video production solutions allow you to capture your event in stunning HD quality through the use of state of the art audit and video capturing equipment.

Here at The Photo Team, we pride ourselves on our ability to take the simplest of concepts and make them in to something exceptional; visualising ideas in ways that are impressive and bespoke in order to put your business on the map.

Please see below examples of our recent corporate videography work

Why choose us?

When choosing a corporate video production company to work with, we know that quality, excellence, reputation, and experience are essential. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got just that.

Here at The Photo Team, we’re not new to this game. Our award-winning photography and videography company was founded back in 2011. Since then we have successfully managed to establish ourselves as one of the best corporate video company in London. We are truly dedicated to producing video content that grips people’s attention and captures all of your goals.

Some of the reasons why you should choose our corporate videography service:

First-class Video Production

Today, video is a vital component to getting your brand noticed. But not just any old video content… video that stands out and is different to the norm. Our corporate videography service does just that, by creating content that is unique with the help of the top photography and videography company in London. You can count of us to get your voice heard.

What’s more, we have an incredibly fast turnaround time in order to meet tight deadlines. We ensure our corporate videography service is always organised and on-the-ball, from start to finish.

Our videography services include both corporate video production, as well as photography services to complement your needs. Our photography and videography services include the following:

  • Launch events
  • Office tours
  • Promotional videos
  • Professional interviews
  • Product/factory tours
  • Real estate video tours/rental property tours
  • Brand social media videos
  • Advertorials/Online video ads
  • Conference filming/event highlight reels
  • Case studies
  • Recruitment videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Exhibition events
  • Awards ceremonies
  • … and more!

No matter what you’ve got in mind, get in touch with us today. Whether you just want to chat to discuss potential ideas or you are ready and raring to go, we’re all ears!

Fantastic in-house team of videography experts

We are a reliable team of photography, videography and video editing experts with years of combined experience. Our team has been carefully hand-picked to create a diverse team of craftsmen and women, in order to make your video as perfect as can be. Rest assured that you are hiring the very best video creators for your business events, commercials and more!

Our expert team can take your simple brief and turn it into a piece of art and helping to tell a story. We guarantee you’ll be impressed! Don’t just take our word for it – check out our substantial back catalogue of work for some of the biggest names in the UK. We have been lucky enough to work with Hugo Boss, Shelter, Royal Ascot, Pizza Hut and Mercedes Benz to name a few, as well as photograph high-profile individuals such as Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

All video production equipment supplied

We have a wide range of professional camera equipment, including top of the range sound and light equipment to ensure your video looks, feels, and sounds top notch. What’s more, it’s all included in the price – there will never be any hidden costs.

Depending on your corporate event or video idea, we can film using just one or multiple camera setups, but this will depend on the type of corporate videography service you require and your budget. We understand this can be difficult to know if you have no experience in video, which is why we are more than happy to assist you with these crucial decisions in order to ensure we capture your event and get the best possible outcome for you.

We can also supply your finished production in different formats/file types (e.g. raw MP4 or MOV files) for you to use quickly and conveniently across your marketing and business channels.

National reach

You’ll be pleased to know that The Photo Team cover several different locations around the UK, from Central London to Essex to Kent.

Check out the locations we serve for a full breakdown. If your area is not listed, feel free to get in touch with us to see whether it is feasible for the team to travel to you.

Great ROI for your business

Now that video is now an essential part of any marketing or communications strategy, it can raise conversion rates and build engagement. To help get your company noticed and stand out from the crowd, you need original and engaging content.

Here at The Photo Team, we will listen and figure out the best way to get the best result for your business, bearing in mind your budget and your needs, to create targeted video content that reaches each and every one of your goals.

Our Corporate Video Production Process

In order to deliver the most effective, high-quality and valuable corporate videography service, we follow a strict production process. This involves in-depth discussions with you about what you are looking for out of your corporate video, how it will be used and any specific requirements you have. By agreeing upfront on a comprehensive video brief, our filming and editing can be that much more effective. 

Our process allows us to develop an effective strategy for the video production which ensures that we create the right video for and your business goals.

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Corporate Videography FAQs

A corporate video is any video material created for or by a business or organisation. Such videos can have a wide range of uses including advertising, capturing an event/conference/trade show or demonstrating a product or service.

Creating a corporate video can be challenging and there are many steps involved. For many businesses it makes sense to hire a professional production agency like The Photo Team to create one for you. The standard process looks something like this though:
  • Decide what kind of corporate video you want to produce (what are you trying to communicate, where will your video be used, what must be included in it etc.).
  • Get the proper equipment to film your video (you will want to use the best cameras and equipment make sure that your video is high-quality and enjoyable to watch).
  • Storyboard how you want your video to go (who you want to be featured in it, what they will say, where it will be located etc.).
  • Start filming. You will need to film all the shots you might want to use in your business video and we recommend doing multiple takes to give you more to work with in post-production).
  • Edit your production to make it concise, informative and a joy to watch (remember to add any captions or annotations, subtitles, overlay/background music and special effects).
A good corporate video will clearly communicate the message that you want to send and meets your corporate/video production goals. It will position your brand in a positive light and educate or inform viewers. Finally, it will encourage the audience to take further actions such as getting in touch with you or sharing the video. 

Any video connected to or about your business is a representation of who you are, what you stand for and how you can help your intended audience. Just as you wouldn’t want to invite your customers in to a run down office or send them to a poorly designed website, you will want to avoid showing them a low-quality video which does not to your brand, products/services and business justice.

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To find out more information about our videography service in London, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team – we’re more than happy to help you. Our details can be found on our Contact Us page. Alternatively, if you would like to hire our services, you can do so online via our easy to use booking page.

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