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To infinity and beyond

To infinity and beyond

​Receiving bookings from clients is always amazing and the ones who listen to our advice, work with us and have a great communication style are the best to work with. However all photography companies can relate to the odd clients who are highly demanding, are not effective communicators and vent their frustrations on ​the admin and photography team. We all have one common goal which is to provide the best service therefore for any event photographer in London, corporate photographer London, conference photographer London and PR photographer London here are some useful tips to ensure you get to your end goal plain sailing:
Calm is a super power
Always remain calm, there is nothing worse than two frustrated parties talking to each other. Our corporate photographers London and London events photographer always ensure to diffuse any frustrations to ensure that they can move forward with the conversation. We understand that organising an event can be stressful and our photographers will be as flexible as possible but at times there are requests that can not be fulfilled such as changing a current booking completely at the last minute and clients needing another photographer from us or demanding photos to be turned around in an hour due to their own client needing the photos. The Photo Team are always willing to be flexible but within reason.
Being calm in every situation is a Super Power.
If they do not know you then do not take it personally
Clients have their own pressures and as photographers we are there to ensure our London corporate photography, London events photography and London photography are captured with high quality equipment and experience. Any negative comments from clients or attendees should be heard but remember to not take it personally. Always remain compassionate and as flexible as possible.
If they do not know you then do not take it personally.
​Actively sympathise​
Hear and sympathise with the client’s issues before and on the event and think of a solution that can make the situation better. All our London event photographers, corporate photographer London and conference photographers try their best to look at fixes from every angle pre and during the event.
​It is all about working together with the client and ​bringing the best of both companies brands to meet a common ground, taking unique and beautiful photos to infinity and beyond!
Thanks for reading!
The Photo Team

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