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The craze of social networking

The craze of social networking

We at, The Photo Team are proud to say we have hit over 18.5K followers on our Instagram page and nearly 11,500 likes on Facebook! We have been growing successfully for nearly over half a decade and are so pleased to see all the love and support from our current and new followers.
As a business we like to frequently update you via the internet on our Event photography London, PR photography London, Corporate London photography and exciting events through our open photo booth and events paparazzi service.
Here are 8 reasons why The Photo Team loves sharing their story on social media:

  • It helps us listen to what people are saying, including our customers, prospects, peers and competitors.
  • We can see where we are doing well and what followers would like to see more of.
  • It is a great way to launch any new product or services such as our new Selfie Party Prints service.
  • Our followers can see the venues we have attended.
  • It is a great link to our weekly blogs and our weekly quotes.
  • It makes it easy to improve brand awareness and build our brand identity. Connecting on an emotional level or showing some personality are both effective ways of helping our brand stand out from our competitors.
  • It helps build trust on our brand. Seeing that we are active on a daily basis makes our followers trust us more to provide up to date information in line with what is happening in the world.
  • It is also a great way to drive traffic to our website by constantly sharing our website on social media tools.

So thank you to all those who continue to like, share and comment on our social media sites including, Face Book and Twitter. We find your feedback invaluable and we look forward to hitting 20K likes!
Thanks for reading!
The Photo Team

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