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Smile and the world will smile with you

Smile and the world will smile with you

​Why is it that we hear more negative news in the press than positive? Why do people like to hang onto the negative rather than focus on the positive? Why can’t people give endless love and happiness to others through good deeds just to ensure others are happy before themselves?
There are many questions out there with no answers but one thing The Photo Team can guarantee is ensuring all their clients are happy and smiling with the services we provide them with. We hire photographers who work endlessly and tirelessly to ensure their clients are delivered what has been promised to them. We do not provide a service in half measures and this is what makes us one of the leading photography agencies. We continue to provide new services, competitive packages, a highly efficient team and new ideas so we can ensure to fulfil many clients needs and budgets at any given time and produce photos that will make everyone smile.
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Friday 6 October is World Smile Day.​​ ​This national awareness day encourages you to take action to bring a few more smiles into the world. ​So circulate the smiley emoji through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ​hashtagging ​​#worldsmileday​​ ​and remind others why they should smile today​​,​ ​what they should be thankful for and make someone​’​s day with a simple gesture.​ You could upload an old photo on social media to show others what brings a smile to your face or even book one of our services as a surprise for someones special day! ​So keep your eyes and heart open to the people around you, and recognise when someone nearby could use a momentary lift to their day.
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