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Monochrome is the new Black and White

Monochrome is the new Black and White

Black and White images give portrait images an artistic flair and it stands for being bold, strong and expressive. Removing the colour makes it difficult for any viewer to understand the date the photo was taken giving it a sense of timelessness. Black and white images give an image an authentic and classic feel which will be cherished for years to come.
It is important as an Event photographer to understand that a good black and white photo comes from a good quality coloured photo so our Corporate and Event photographers London always start with this first.
We at The Photo Team offer a pay on the day service for any event that holds 300 or more guests so it is free for our client to hire us. With this particular Open Photo Booth package we always offer the guest an option of a coloured or an edgy black and white image also known as a monochrome colour which we have created in our own unique way and you will be surprised at how many of our guests opt for the latter. It is unique and the shadows, texture and highlights that make the picture are like nothing seen or provided to a guest before. The photo will be able to pick up tones of grey ranging from black to white giving it a classy feel. This effect is also available for our Event Photography and PR Photography bookings.
Here are some images that will blow you away and show you why they have been so popular with The Photo Team…
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So why not book us for your large events whether it be for a charity gala, masonic night or even if you need a PR photographer London,  Conference photographer or a Corporate photographer London. You will be amazed with the results! Our open photo booths in Kent and London as well as our Corporate London photographers are ready and available with notice. So contact us and come and see what the fascination is about. Experience how we can transform a normal photo to a beautiful modern vintage photo. You will be the envy of all your friends!
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