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Francis Crick

Francis Crick – Lates

Francis Crick – Lates

On 3 May 2017, The Photo Team had the pleasure of providing an Open Photo Booth service to the Francis Crick Institute (St Pancras). The institute aims to respond to fast-moving changes in the medical sciences by facilitating collaboration between disciplines and accelerating the translation of scientific research from the laboratory to hospitals and pharmacies. Francis Crick held their first “Crick Late” at the institute itself and opened their doors to the public for the very first time.
It was a packed evening of pop-up science with many members of the public queuing to be amazed by the architecture of the building as well as the activities held inside such as turning your smartphone into a microscope to reveal a hidden world, shocking a friend (literally) using the power of your brain, creat​ing​ your own mini-gut and getting up close and personal with hungry mosquitoes.
It was a great understanding for us to see what drives the Crick researchers in their quest for knowledge and what tools and techniques they use to push the boundaries of scientific understanding.
Speakers were available to give talks, different stations available for hands on activities from scientists, there was music, food and drink as well as our very own Open Photo Booth with a twist and we were popular! We provided a green screen with three major images from the Crick building itself. Our professional photographer then transported the lucky guests into the image of their choice. The options were to jump into two different science labs or be teleported to be overlooking the amazing auditorium. The props were perfect for the occasions itself. We were supplied with pipettes, white lab coats, safety goggles, test tubes as well as providing our own great props from the Open Photo Booth selection box. We were inundated with people intrigued to know what was happening and how the green screen worked and the results absolutely blew the subjects away!
The photographer encouraged the subjects to pose as if they had made a discovery, thought of a theory or were about to jump into a time warp and look at the fantastic results we captured…
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Each group photographed then received prints to cherish and the photos are evident to see how real they look.
So why not keep us in mind for any future events that you would like us to provide an Open Photo Booth service to or even if you need a Corporate and Event Photographer London, PR Photographer London or even a Conference Photographer. We are here to revolutionise your events!
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