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Be the bridge to the next generation

Be the bridge to the next generation

Why are passionate and dedicated photographers difficult to find in the younger generation? It is known that we live in a world where it is rare to find anyone who wants to do anything for free as “money does make the world go around” however why is proving your worth but getting paid less, less important than producing average work but expecting the world from your employer? There are a chunk of generation Zs, iGen and Centennials who are very laid back but do not want to be doing anything for nothing. Money is too important for them and hence why for these tech individuals they want the latest equipment on the market to keep them hip, hop and happening.
However for the employers who are the silent generation, baby boomers, or generation X/Y this can be frustrating as they have worked hard to build an empire, that prides itself in bringing in the best clients and work, they go out of their way to take individuals under their wings and mentor the new recruits and making them understand what hard work is really about. Some of the younger generation are over sensitive and any constructive criticism on their work can be seen as an insult as they pride themselves in producing work in a certain way, but flexibility is key which can lead to further work and most of all impress the leaders of the pack, the big guys!
Big achievements and awards.
So how can we motivate the younger generation in the workforce and help them understand how to make it to the top:

  • Feedback – Timely feedback is essential and for the young event photographers, corporate photographer London and London photographers it is essential that they are given praise and are encouraged. This helps with the communication and in turn they will feel more comfortable to be open about how they feel and also provide feedback too. Also why not treat your London event photographers to a “thank you” so they feel motivated. This could be in a form of a team building day, lunch or even a simple coffee and chat!


  • Work life balance – Having a life outside work is so important to the younger generation so ensure that not all the bookings you give them is back to back. They too need sleep and time to absorb new information as well as learn new technology. Showing your event photographer London, corporate and Event photographer London, PR photographer London and conference photographers the true flexibility of the Firm can help them give their best at work.


  • Professional Development – Why not encourage your corporate photographers London and conference photographer London to attend a relevant course that reflects their best in conference photography London, PR photography London and corporate photography London. They can help teach their employers new skills as well as learn and enhance what they already know. The key thing is that they will see how their competitors operate and this will motivate them to work even harder. Even give them a mini project to get their teeth stuck into, this will break up their days and help a two way conversation.

Our long standing London corporate photographers, event photographer in London and London events photographer mentor a number of fresh photographers and help them understand the value of the company and what makes the business tick. They are taught the companies strategy and goals for the year, so that they understand the overall aims of the business. They are also taught why working hard is so important and how in the long term it can be very rewarding. Sometimes this means having to take on jobs that does not pay as much but this can hold a lot of gravitas for the individual and can show employers a lot about their dedication.
Award winning photographers of London.
Giving your time and support to the new generation can give back much reward and a message to the younger generation, be open minded and work hard to succeed.
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