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A Game Of Tones

A Game Of Tones

A tone describes the darkness or lightness of a particular area in an image. The skeleton or framework of every picture is based upon tones. It does not matter if it is a black & white or colour image, what is important is the range of tones and their placement within the picture. Colour does have a tremendous emotional impact, but still it is the tones within a picture that are the determining influence in a composition. In any image that has a full range of tones, your attention will be drawn towards the largest and lightest tone. From here, your attention will be attracted to either other light tones or a large dark tone, that depends on their placement and size within the picture.


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Your composition should be determined by the tones that are present in your picture. In other words, if your subject is a middle tone and there is a large light tone in the picture, the viewer’s attention will be drawn away from your subject because of that light tone. What you should always keep in mind is; are the tones helping to support your subject or are they distracting from it. A picture consisting of dark or somber shades conveys mystery, intrigue, or sadness. When the tones are mostly light and airy, the picture portrays lightness, joy, or airiness.
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What we have seen all too often are photographers taking photos without no concept of altering their settings on their camera and thinking ” one size fits all”. No consideration is given to the amount of light in the room and ​how to bring out the best colours or tones in a photo which then results to a shady, weak and non appealing photo. This also means altering the ISO on your lighting if you choose to have studio photos.
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It is essential to take a photo that is a true reflection of what you see. There is something seriously wrong if you take a photo and the colours, tones and composition are nothing like what you see behind the camera. You can not sell or even provide this to a client as this could mean losing business and providing an unattractive service. Colours need to be vibrant, true and rich so the subjects stand out and are counted.
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This is why we at The Photo Team hire the best photographers who are knowledgeable on how to provide quality photos in an instant. So hire our Corporate and Event photographers in London today and see what fantastic results we can produce.
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