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6 things photographers are tired of hearing

6 things photographers are tired of hearing

6 things photographers are tired of hearing

This week The Photo Team thought they would share some of the common things that many photographers get tired of being faced with or even hearing from potential clients. We thought we would summarise it in 6 easy examples and we are sure no photographer will disagree with the below:
Lack of value on photography skills or the profession
Photographers need to be appreciated as artists rather than hearing “you must have a REALLY good camera”. It is always forgotten that the photographers work just as hard as the camera. They are using their talent for not only a creative outlet but for a profession as well. The photographers create the photo through understanding the camera’s potential.
People who want something for nothing
There are the odd clients who expect discount on top of discount and try to ask us photographers to cut corners to lower the price. They too forget that there are man hours involved and the commute cost that all comes into equation too.
Having needy clients
Photographers who work tirelessly day and night do not need to be called relentlessly by potential clients when you have already told them you will get back to them as soon as you can. Photographers also don’t appreciate clients making unreasonable demands when they have already been given the deadline of when they will receive their photos.
Having needy clients
When customers say “you can just photo shop that out, right?” or “can you make me look thinner?”
Photographers have heard this as many times as they have taken a photo. Unfortunately cameras can’t always do wonders but also think about the time it takes for a photographer to sit an edit each photo.

People’s expectation when you are not working
Now we all believe in helping friends and family out but sometimes us photographers need a bit of time off and actually turn up to an event without working.​ There is also the odd annoyance photographers have when they receive out of hours calls when the person calling clearly knows no one will answer.
Peoples expectation when you are not working
Lack of respect from other professional photographers
Whether it be copying your style of photos or trying to replicate your logo and name the competition is inevitably out there. However it all comes down to respecting each other’s territory and appreciating each others’s art work without looking as if the other is copying and trying to take your hard work as their own.

Thanks for reading,
The Photo Team​

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